Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Happy Clients

Wardrobe Revivals has worked closely with a broad range of clients and pride ourselves on the value we have added to their lives, saving them time and money in the long run. Read our testimonials to find out more.

Our Happy Clients

Louise, late 30s, works in technology

What was the challenge

Louise was looking for a wardrobe overhaul after several lifestyle changes meant her shopping habits had changed. In the last five years she had two children, moved house and the pandemic forced her to work from home full time. All these factors left very little time or head space to prioritise herself. She wanted to feel confident and comfortable in herself with some simple outfits that she could turn to again and again to fit into her busy lifestyle.

What was the outcome

Louise and I share a love of style and we had a great discussion at our first zoom chat on the importance on emotional dressing and I wanted to put an emphasis on that in my edit. I put together a neat edit of luxury basics we felt were needed to use as the foundation for Louise’s day-to-day outfits. Once these were established, I brought in some accessories to elevate the classic pieces. Louise really wanted to have quick style solutions when getting ready in the morning to fit in with her full-on early starts. We’re onto holiday outfit planning next!

What did Louise have to say

I am so pleased with the edit of items Sara has sourced for me. I felt she really understood what I needed, not just sartorially, but emotionally too. She has such insight on brands that weren’t necessarily on my radar, but have worked wonders to update and compliment the items that I already have in my cupboard. Getting dressed in the morning has become a pleasure, rather than just another annoying thing to add to my to-do list.

Clare, 31, mum of twin girls, returning to work

What was the challenge

Clare was feeling stuck in a cycle of wearing mum-friendly clothes of jeans, joggers and athleisure. Returning to work meant she needed to get out of her style rut and work in some cool tailoring that was both comfortable for mum-mode but could take her to a work meeting straight away.

What was the outcome

What I realised early on with working with Clare was this was more about confidence and finding herself. She loves fashion and wants to feel cool and confident but the days of running down oxford street in heels are long gone. We talked about the power of a premium trainer that can be smart enough for work photoshoots but also in softplay too!

What did Clare have to say

I am thrilled with Sara’s service. She has such great instincts and understanding of who I am and what would help reinvigorate my look. I never really spend much time looking at trends and the way I shop has changed so much since having kids. I want to invest in items that can work in several different guises. WR ethos is all about investing in wear forever pieces and she had some excellent insights into brands that I should consider.

Emily, 50, OBE. Charity CEO and News Journalist

What was the challenge

Emily owns plenty of clothes and is naturally stylish but she wasn’t always sure of how to put individual pieces together and had lost her instincts about what suited her body and her lifestyle after changing jobs and having three children. She also felt overwhelmed, at times, by all the trends that seemed to bombard her every time she opened a magazine or did some shopping – she particularly found online shopping challenging to navigate.

What was the outcome

Even though Emily has some lovely things in her wardrobe, she confided that she would often leave the house not feeling very good about what she was wearing. To prevent that from happening again, we put together a good selection of pre-thought-out outfits that would work for all the areas of her life: work, parties, date nights, weekends, school run, summer and winter wardrobes and quick go-to classic outfits that were chic and stylish but easy to wear so she always had something practical and fashionable to throw on if she was pressed for time. Together, we managed to identify the great pieces in her wardrobe and we recycled or sold the pieces that she no longer wanted. I did some online shopping research for her and sent her lots of options and together, we filled the holes, so she now owns, not just a lovely wardrobe, but a hard-working one.

What did Emily have to say

Sara has completely transformed the way I get dressed, and the way I shop for clothes. Initially, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of someone coming into my house and scrutinising my wardrobe, but Sara couldn’t have been more positive and encouraging and she made me realise I have great clothes, I just needed some help when it came to creating outfits and a bit of reassurance about what suits me. I thought I was going to end up having to buy a whole new set of clothes. But instead, what she does is look at what you already have in your wardrobe and then puts things together to make outfits that really work. So now, instead of me buying random tops, I finally understand what I need and what works, so I’ve stopped making endless expensive mistakes and wasting money on clothes I’ll never wear. My decision to overhaul my wardrobe by using Wardrobe Revivals’ services was a smart investment in myself: a bit like going to a spa for a weekend or getting my hair done at an expensive hairdresser, although Sara’s advice has lasted much longer than my highlights! 

Mary Nightingale

What was the challenge

Mary has a lot of clothes: decades of working in TV has meant she has had to acquire lots of suits, jackets and eveningwear – much of which she admits she hardly ever wears – and that was frustrating for her. She felt she was stuck in a cycle of rotating the same few limited outfits in a repetitive way, and was tiring of almost everything in her wardrobe even though, instinctively, she knew she had some really good clothes. She felt she needed help with revisiting her wardrobe in order to see the possibilities of what was already there. She told me one of her goals was to start buying less and to start using all the good things she already owned more effectively and efficiently.

What was the outcome

I think Mary was pleasantly surprised by how many great clothes she already owns. She’s invested in some terrific pieces over the years – and her wardrobe is intuitive, organic, thoughtful, labour-of-love, but she had packed so many great pieces away and hadn’t looked at them properly for ages, so it was time for a re-visit. Together, we emptied out all her cupboards and reappraised every single item. She wanted to organise her clothes more carefully (even though she is naturally very tidy) so we divided everything into day, evening, work etc. and re-hung it all on slimline velvet hangers to create uniformity and to save space. She has so many lovely ‘for best’ clothes, so we separated her ‘Black Tie Box’ from her eveningwear and that allowed us to release so many of her beautiful pieces (mainly knock-out black dresses and suits and shoes) that had been set away for a rainy day, liberating them and allowing them to enter her everyday wardrobe so that they could find a more useful, hard-working role in her wardrobe. Sometimes revisiting ‘Black-Tie’ special pieces that are a little bit worn and relegating them to the second division of evening wear is the most circular fashion decision one can make.

What did Mary have to say

I loved my morning with Sara. I confess I was slightly dreading opening up my wardrobes (stuffed with the dodgy choices I’d made over the years), but Sara was efficient, positive and kind. She immediately grasped what I needed and expertly sorted the good from the bad and the downright ugly. I was actually encouraged by how many of my clothes she approved of. I just needed to view them in a new light and update them with a few key pieces: Cool trainers, a couple of well-cut shirts, and some beautiful camisoles…. She gently suggested I let go of the floaty/frilly/flowery stuff I’d flirted with over the past couple of years and regain confidence in my core, pared-back aesthetic – but with a more modern edge. I now know what I need to buy (not much) and how to put my existing pieces together more effectively. My wardrobe is clearer, logically laid out, and easier to navigate. I’ll definitely do regular sessions with Sara so she can steer me away from expensive mistakes in future. The whole experience was really enjoyable – like hanging out with a super-stylish, efficient, fun and honest friend.

Marianne Macdonald

What Sara is doing is difficult, and she pulls it off with real sensitivity and expertise: coming into your bedroom and unpacking your wardrobe and your life with it, quietly and subtly removing the things that no longer do you justice while organising and emphasising those that do, teaching you about how to approach your outfits and identifying the gaps to be filled.
She is inclusive in her approach to decision-making, efficient, unjudgemental and low ego. After three hours I came away with a wardrobe that was the same but transformed, three rubbish bags of redundant shoes and clothes, and a platform to get back to my old sense of style, but renewed for a new life season. I had a capsule wardrobe, a day wardrobe, an evening wardrobe and an occasion wardrobe for both work and pleasure. A terrific exercise, and I highly recommend her and her business.


I have long wanted someone to sift through my good, bad and totally mad clothes purchases. Post-pandemic online shopping and facing late middle age left me in more urgent need of someone to help me shop more wisely, how to put outfits together from what I have and to spot the gaps in my wardrobe. I therefore called upon Sara, having read about her in the Times. The whole experience of chatting first with her and then having her come and confront my wardrobe, has been very enlightening but also reassuring and informative. Sara’s chilled, yet experienced approach just works and it’s like having an honest friend who knows you and has your interests at heart, just tell you as it is, what to do with what you have and how to go about making lasting improvements to the way you dress and shop. The follow-up advice and shopping tips have been constructive and very thoughtfully well-researched.

Thank you so much Sara! To be highly recommended for all of those trapped in a clothes rut!

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