A bespoke
and personalised
service tailored to
your needs.

A Bespoke and personalised service tailored to your needs.


The Wardrobe Service: £500. This service is divided into three appointments, detailed below.

Ongoing Consultancy: £100 an hour

Special Occasion Consultancy: £100 an hour

Appointment one

We begin with an introductory video call to get to know you and a measure of your wardrobe. This is an opportunity to start an open discussion around your personal style, what is already in your wardrobe and how you feel about yourself and your body.

Appointment two

We will then come to your home for a 3-hour meeting to go through your wardrobe to re-organise, declutter and advise on styling tips. This is very much the detox part of the process which will be informative, refreshing, but most importantly: positive and fun!

Appointment three

This stage is all about harnessing all the knowledge gathered from the team’s wardrobe edit, to bring you extensive shopping advice, and what items could be added for a fully considered wardrobe. We also work with brand partners to help you reinvigorate pieces that need a refresh, or to sell what you no longer want or wear. .

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